That was nothing short of magic!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads the articles on this website on a regular, or even irregular, basis that I have an almost unhealthy love affair with the English math-rock band, Foals. Ever since I first started listening to them in 2013 there as something about their music that seemed to particularly pay into my own tastes – or maybe it had something to do with the fact I was clinging onto any positives during a period of a bad breakup… How and ever they would firmly cement themselves as one of my favourite bands from that point on, and also as one of the best live bands that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

So naturally last year when I found out that they were playing a show in Fairview Park in June 2022 I became very very excited indeed. Made all the better by the fact that the release date for the tickets happened to coincide with a day off that I had taken from the day job. The stars aligned.

Fairview Park has recently turned into a new venue for big outdoor live music shows in Dublin, with 2022 being the first year of the venue hosting a series of early summer shows. The line up was particularly strong and gave plenty of cause for excitement amongst Dublin music fans for great gigs in an easily accessible part of Dublin for years to come.

Foals are renowned for their famously powerful and energetic live shows. And this evening was no different.

But first, the support. The Murder Capital are a Dublin-based post punk band who first came together in 2015, and would go on to release their debut album in 2019, entitled When I Have Fears. As expected this was a very accomplished opening set by the band and set the tone of the night perfectly for the main event.

This was a stellar set by Foals, and yet again cemented themselves as one of the best live acts on the go at the moment. Performing a setlist that picked from their entire discography while still making sure that songs from the newest album, Life Is Yours, got a healthy airing also – this was as close to a Foals greatest hits show as you are likely to get.

Lead man, Yannis Philippakis remains a compelling figure on the stage and seemed to have a natural understanding of how to get a crowd onside with him from the very beginning, not that they needed much convincing on this night. This was one of the most enjoyable crowds I have ever been apart of at a music event – there was a warmth and friendliness among all in attendance, as if we all recognised we were witnessing something special.

It was also clear that the band themselves were really enjoying the night. Jack Bevan, on drums, was powering through the set with an energy and gusto that was utterly captivating, and he was suitably assisted by Jimmy Smith, Jack Freeman, Joe Price, and Kit Monteith – for a display of truly outrageous musicianship.

The perfect start to the summer.