For a long time, Covert Movie Club has been a massive fan and supporter of the Dublin singer/songwriter, Amy Naessens. The performer has one of the best voices on the Dublin music scene at the moment, along with a string of single releases in the last few years that have helped to build a reputation as an exciting musical prospect.

Songs like Reasons, To Be The One You Choose, and Kiss and Tell, have shown an ability for emotive and interesting songwriting that is drawing more and more fans all the time. She is also a cracking live performer…

Last week, Naessens returned with her new single, the stunning Obscene, and again the listener got a glimpse into another level of mature and captivating songwriting.

This is another wonderful offering, that accurately describes the feelings of being intimate with someone you care about. The imagery used throughout the song is extremely effective at creating the sense of safety and warmth that comes with being with someone that you care about, and how the most simple things like dawn take on a greater significance when shared with a certain someone.

“We lay silently, under crisp white sheets, share each others dreams”

The instrumentation and stylistic choices across the track suitably create the sense of danger and suggestion that Naessens is striking for. The vocal echo that greets every lyric in the second half of the song create an almost otherworldly sense around the song, and talk to the more secretive and private moments that happen in a relationship when the bedroom door closes. The soundscape within the song is layered and slowly builds, almost acting as a metaphor or representation for the different emotions that are present when you’re alone with the person you care about. The initial calmness that eventually grows into a more passionate sensation. Expertly constructed, and the production across the track is masterful.

More of this please, Amy