Anyone who has taken the time to read some of Covert Music Club before now will know that we are massive fans of the Dublin-based singer/songwriter, Dan Elliott. For many years now, the talented Corkman has been building a strong career on the Irish music scene with a series of sold out shows around Dublin city and a string of well received and well review single releases.

Years of performing multiple nights a week around Dublin, and further afield, mean that Elliott has an intrinsic understanding of live music and the nuances that make for a good live show – and all of these qualities were in evidence in his recent show in The Workman’s Cellar last Sunday night. It proved to be a wonderful night, conducted by one of the most charismatic live performers on the scene at the moment. Elliott had said that he wanted the show to feel like an intimate occasion among friends, and so it proved.

But up first was the support for the night, the Dublin singer/songwriter, Patrick Conneely. Across the frame of half an hour, Conneely would captivate the gathered crowd with an accomplished and well constructed set of original songs that helped to demonstrate the songwriting ability of the performer. It would serve as the perfect opening for the show, as it set the tone for a night of beautifully constructed guitar songs.

Shortly after, at around 9:15pm, Dan Elliott would take to the stage for a stellar hour and twenty minute set that felt like a throw back to a time before Covid changes all our lives.

This was your quintessential Elliott performance, effortless charismatic and witty between songs, he moved through a setlist that showcased his outstanding songwriting ability and musicianship. This felt much more like watching a good friend sing you songs in their sitting room than a full on gig, and that was the vibe that the Corkman said he was aiming for. At all stages during the show there seemed to be a lovely vibe in the room, and a sense that everyone there was totally invested and coming along for the ride – something that was frequently referenced by Elliott on stage.

Life wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t make it so hard on ourselves, have nights like this every now and again and things aren’t so bad at all.