Here at Covert Music Club, we like to keep an eye on the emerging talent that is starting to making moves on the local and international music scenes, and one who has already started to demonstrate a musicianship and songwriting that deserves attention is Australian artist, Euan Hart. The Sydney native has been slowly building a reputation for well constructed and emotional compositions with his first three singles marking him out as one to watch.

2022 has seen songwriter embark on The Sofala Trilogy, a series of songs that investigate mental health and act as an introduction course to the music of Euan Hart.

Back in late April, Hart would release the first of these songs with his debut single, the stunning single Snowflake. Across the track there is evidence of the ability that Hart has for creating interesting audio soundscapes that help to add to the imagery throughout the song. The song deals with the idea of wanting someone who is just out of reach for different reasons. The line “I wish I could bother you” is something that will be relevant to many listener who will relate to the idea of searching for a reason to interact with a certain someone. The instrumentation has an almost ethereal sense to it, which helps to create a feeling of being lost in your thoughts over the situation that you have in front of you. It suggests at an uncertainty, and is a prime example of the descriptive and imaginative songwriter that is on show from the beginning of the track – it is the perfect foil to the powerful and assertive vocals by Hart on the track.

It proved to a confident and intriguing introduction to the performer.

The follow up offering in the series would come two months later in the form of 145. This song almost feels a diary reflection on a period of time when Hart felt a sense of anxiousness about where his life was. He found himself in college studying, but wasn’t sure if it was the best place for him to be and that uncertainty is reflecting across the track. The instrumentation is slow and reflective, as if to represent the introspective head space we all end up in when trying to make a decision and figure things out. The vocals are considered and emotive and we can feel the sense of confusion by Hart, it again makes for very relatable songwriting for the listener.

The most recent single from the talented performer was released back in August and shows us a different side to the artist. The instrumentation is more assertive and aggressive, powerful keys and confident drumming help to build a darker atmosphere than on the other songs released thus far. The song talks about revealing your vulnerabilities and being your real self around the people in your life. While acknowledging the fact that we all have moments of weakness in our lives, Hart reminds us that it can often be hard to total understand why. There is a sophistication to the songwriting here that helps to reflect the difficult subject matter at the heart (or Hart… sorry) of the song. It’s another excellent step forward for the Australian songwriter.

We look forward to hearing more from the talented Aussie.