Back in October 2015, a chance visit to The Ruby Sessions in Doyle’s of a Tuesday lead to me first encounting the music of Farah Elle (or Farah El Neihum as she known off the stage). From her opening song, the  beautiful Timezone, it was clear that we were listening to something special.

On a night that included acts as talented as Roisín O and Saint Sister, the standout performer was Farah Elle. What made her music so interesting was the various different genres that seemed to inspire her music. There was evidence of ska, R&B, and even nods to her Libyan background, and it instantly helped her music to stay in my mind for long after that night.

Elle was introduced to music in a very unique way, as she was the youngest of her siblings she found herself listening to whatever her older brothers happened to be listening to at the time. This along with listening to her dad playing the Qu’ran to music in the car when she was younger lead to Elle growing up with a very unique musical identity. An identity that she continues to investigate and hone through her writing. One of the songs where this mix of identity and culture can be most easily heard in the song Silk. A song explicitly investigating the insecurities that are often associated with the early stages of finding out exactly who you are.

Elle has said that she is currently working on her debut album, but the BIMM Dublin graduate has also stressed that she knows that this is not a process that can be rushed. In the interim, she has featured as a featured artist on tracks by producers such as Bantum, along with various festival appearances which have further helped to develop her reputation in Irish music circles.

Early signs suggest that Farah Elle is going to explode into the consciousness of Irish music fans in the not too distant future, and I personally can’t wait to see what is coming from the talented songstress.