Back in February of this year, we at Covert Music Club wrote a short post about the career of Dublin singer/songwriter Amy Naessens. The Dublin woman is slowly building a reputation for herself on the Dublin music scene and last Friday she took the first step to becoming a prominent figure nationally with the release of her debut single, Reasons.

This is a fantastic track, a powerful and intense exploration into the feelings that come as you begin to recognise that a relationship with somebody you care about is starting to wind to a close.

The first thing that strikes you is the maturity and clarity of language and instrumentation that Naessens uses to tell the story of the song. The listener almost feels like they have been privy to the relationship in question such is imagery created by the songwriter across the track, and the listener is carefully shown how two different people can be coming at the same thing from such different angles.

“I loved you with a burning fire, but your flame had long gone out…”

However, it would be wrong to imagine that the protagonist at the centre of the track is the victim. Naessens is strong and determined in her words and actions across the song leaving the listener in no doubt as to who is coming out of this difficult event stronger for it.

“But if you’re thinking of asking me to stay, know that this is your last chance…”

It is also hard to miss the quality of the production of the song, which was produced in the fantastic Coffee Hill Studios in Dublin by Nick Murphy. Murphy also features as backing vocals on the track along with Orlaith Ní Bhrian who offer a sense of atmosphere to the sound. But there is no doubt as to what the real draw is here, Amy Naessens has one of the best voices on the Irish music scene at the moment and it is presented here at it’s best with soaring choruses and emotive lyrics. Captivating.

Reasons is a triumphant first step for Naessens on her musical journey, a journey that looks likely to be a long one.