For a long time now, we at Covert Music Club have been massive fans of Dublin singer-songwriter Amy Naessens. The Knocklyon native has been building a reputation on the Irish music scene for the last few years for her powerful vocals and her ability to write touching and affecting songs exploring the complications of being in a relationship. A regular at live mics and acoustic nights in Dublin city in recent times, and with two excellent singles to her name already (Reasons and To Be The One You Choose), there was a lot of anticipation among fans for her next offering.

Then we got the news…

It was worth the wait.

The opening to the song would have the listener believe that this is going to be another hard hitting and emotional song about lost love or a difficult relationship, but just as they brace for a powerful and heavy story, they get treated to a sharp change of direction. It marks an exciting departure for the talented BIMM graduate, and shows a sound that is growing as Naessens continues to experiment.

There is a wonderful innocence at the core of the song, as our protagonist investigates that sense of excitement and wonder that comes with the beginning of a new relationship. From the initial uncertainty about what you’re doing with the new person, to that understanding that there is something very right about the situation and that you’re on board. Naessens also looks at that common feeling that this isn’t something that you’re ready to share with the rest of the world yet, and instead it’s going to be a secret between two people who care about each other. Most people will be able to remember a time in their lives when they were in a similar situation, where rather than attract attention to their new situation, they’d rather give it time to settle before it becomes a known thing.

“It’s sweeter this way

Where I want to stay.”

The instrumentation is wonderfully arranged on this track, from the opening solo piano to the fun electric guitar interjections and simple drumming rhythm with the plodding bass line. This combination helps to accurately portray the happiness and uncertainty that comes at the start of a new relationship with someone. It’s something that Naessens has become very good at.

Class, Amy.