As another continuation of our series attempting to showcase some of the up and coming talent that can be found in Irish music at the moment we turn to Dublin singer/songwriter, Niamh Keane.

Keane grew up playing music and began songwriting while in her teens and it is immediately clear when you hear her perform that she a skill for well crafted heartfelt lyrics and stunning instrumentation. The music graduate from Maynooth University boasts an impressive range of sounds in her music, blending fiddle, piano and guitar with an apparent ease to create vivid stories across all her songs.

The ability for the performer to expertly and fully construct different narratives in her music is one of the aspects that makes it such a compelling listen. The ability to transmit her life experiences into musical soundscapes is in evidence across all the songs that you hear from the performer and each provides an insight into their creator.

This ability for story telling through music is especially evident in the most reason song by Keane, the beautiful and touching You Don’t Have a Clue. A song explaining a situation where someone has a crush on you but you don’t feel the same. The song captures the moment where the sympathy for the other person has worn off and situation has become tiresome. The song demonstrates the beautiful tone and texture of Keane’s vocals as well a gorgeous guitar track under them.

Window Seat is another song that demonstrates Keane’s ability to create pictures in the mind of the listener with her lyrics.

It is clear when you listen to Niamh Keane that you are listening to someone who is properly serious about her music. It is instantly clear of the craft that goes into the music that Keane writes and there is plenty to suggest that this is only the beginning of where this journey will go.