Whenever you watch those coming-of-age teen movies very often there is a consistent scene or trope running through them, that being the idea of college band. It seems that a staple of any college experience is encountering and having one great night watching a college band made up of some of your friends and then having those memories to hold and revisit for the rest of your life. Often we can watch these movies and think that some of the tropes and/or scenes are unrealistic, but in my own experience, the one about the college band is one that holds up. During my time in University College Cork, I had the pleasure of seeing the Cork band, B Positives, and they were responsible for two of the best nights that I had while I was studying and living in Cork.

But this post won’t talk about B Positives, instead I will take time to talk about the debut, and sadly only, EP from Dublin indie rock outfit Mitch (stylised as M!tch). Keith Farrell (lead guitar), James McDonald (drums), Jack O’Flaherty (guitar and vocals), Andrew Smyth (bass and vocals) would come together in 2015 to start writing music together and the collaboration of these four extremely talented musicians saw them begin to generate a lot of excitement and hype among their friends who were excited to see what the band would consist of.

Our first taste of the music of M!tch would come in late April 2016 when their first release would appear on Soundcloud, a rough demo of their soon to be single, Upside Out, and it was brilliant.

After a few radio appearances over the next few months, they were ready for their first official release which would eventually arrive in December 2016, with the Otherway EP. The EP expertly built on the excitement and the sound that had been teased with the Upside Out demo, featuring two new songs by the band, Otherway and I Don’t Care. The former especially, being a song that I found myself replaying again and again.

Early February of 2017 would eventually see the release of the first proper EP from the band, the Hot Singles in Your Area EP would bring together all the songs that we had heard from the band already and a few new ones, and would again demonstrate the reasons for the sense of excitement that the band had generated with their releases up to this point.

Featuring the three already released tracks, the EP would also include the brand new tracks, Alabaster and August, and the energy and enthusiasm that comes with a new band was evident across every song. Smyth and O’Flaherty’s vocals blend perfectly across the EP, and are complimented by excellent instrumentation that make this an endlessly relistenable collection of songs too.

M!tch have since called it a day with the different members of the band going on to different things for now, but with a release of this quality under their belts already, we can only hope for more from the four piece at some stage in the future.