Time to add another post to my series of articles on up-and-coming Irish musicians who regularly make an appearance at The Zodiac Sessions on Wednesday nights in Bruxelles in Dublin. This time we take a look at Wexford singer/songwriter, Seán McComish

A native of Fethard-On-Sea in Wexford, McComish has been based in Dublin in recent years, playing shows around the city as a duo with drummer Darren Bradley. After playing successful shows in Whelan’s and for The Ruby SessionsMcComish released his debut EP, The First Step in August 2015. The EP would be very well received by fans and would open up numerous opportunities for the performer.

The four song extended play opens with the track On My Own, a perfect opener as it clearly outlines exactly what we are to expect from the EP. An investigation and portrayal of the difficulties that often face solo artists as they have to try forge a path in the industry through their own hard graft and can’t be depending on others to help them. But the sentiment across the track is positive and determined and demonstrates that McComish won’t be turned away from his vision for his career. A message that can easily be related to for anyone who has a goal in mind and wants to achieve it. The instrumentation is lively and energetic throughout with the outstanding guitar playing and percussion that is a regular part of any track from the artist to the forefront.

Red Pen Writing is the second track on the EP, and again it demonstrates the musicianship at the centre of all McComish tracks. A song about struggling to escape memories and how the smallest little thing can bring something back to you in a big way.

The most defiant and determined track on the EP, this is McComish convincing himself to take risks to achieve what he wants – a message that is instantly relatable to anyone listening. There is a lovely stripped back feel to this track with the Wexford singer/songwriter using a more simple instrumentation to highlight the vocals at the heart of the song.

The final track on this extended play, Something About You, was the first song that I heard the Wexford man perform when I saw him at my first ever trip to the aforementioned Zodiac Sessions. On the track McComish investigates the idea where you know that a relationship is not good for you, and yet you can’t seem to resist. My favourite song by the artist.

Make it your business to see McComish gigging live soon.