Any regular readers of Covert Music Club will be aware that we have been running regular features on some of the major up-and-coming names on the Dublin music scene, with artists like Dan Elliott, Ryan Cahill, Amy Naessensand Aaron Rowe, being highlighted as performers to keep an eye on in the coming years. Another name that is worth paying attention to in the future is another singer/songwriter by the name of Graham Mitchell.

Mitchell is another frequent performer at the Zodiac Sessions in Bruxelles Bar in Dublin every Wednesday night,and it was at one of these nights where I first heard him perform. It is impossible to hear Mitchell perform without being instantly taken by the power and the tone of the vocals on show.

Maria Browne is one of the tracks where we are most clearly shown the talent that Mitchell has for writing instantly singable songs. There is no way that you will be able to stop yourself singing this for the rest of the day.

However, there is also plenty of evidence across the catalogue of the Dubliner that he is equally adept at writing emotional and reflective songs. The clearest example of this ability comes on the song You’ve Disappeared.  An excellent portrayal of feeling that you are losing touch with someone that you care about.

My favourite song by Graham Mitchell, however is his most recent single, the beautiful Maybe You Can Call Me Sometime. A haunting and heartfelt investigation of the wanting that person that you care about to contact with you after they have decided they want to leave. There is a fragility and honesty to the vocals and lyrics throughout this track that instantly draw in the listener. Brilliant.

Watch this space.