Every now and again you hear a song that is just so simple it’s wonderful. We are living in an age when music production is becoming increasingly elaborate and sophisticated as artists continue to push the boundaries of what music can do with technology. However, there are times when a more simplistic and understated approach to songwriting is just as effect. An example of this came in the form of the 2018 single by Manchester born singer/songwriter Amy LawtonHurts Like Paradise.

This song came to my attention while I was listening to another random playlist on Spotify a few months ago and I instantly loved it. There is a lovely sense around the vocal style of Lawton across the track as she sings about falling in love with someone who might not be best for you. The lyrics demonstrate the quirkiness of developing feelings for someone and the different awkwardness that creeps into mannerisms when confronted with these feelings.

“You like pie, so do I,

Shouldn’t have said that should have just said hi”

Lawton has said that she likes to write sad songs but make the instrumentation that is upbeat and positive to juxtapose the two sentiments. There are nice moments throughout the track as she constantly reinforces the effects of those early stages of love and then the eventual disappointment when it all is revealed to be untrue.

“Know where the cracks are,

Out the door and in his car

We drive, in the night,

Sleeping’s just a waste of time…”

The song felt a lot like the sound that Taylor Swift achieved on her 2012 album, Red, of easily relatable songs about young love and all the complications that can come with this exciting but frustrating time. It marked a lot of promise at the early stages of her career and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.