I’m a firm believer that if you are ever lucky enough to have a proper connection with someone it can never be broken. You will always be able to slot back into their lives, or they yours, in a seamless and easy way provided you both want it to happen. Despite how difficult it can sometimes be, the re-connection process can be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things that we go through in our lives. Don’t believe me? Just let Dublin indie folk duo Djouce convince you otherwise.

Djouce is made up of Denis Cahill and Youen Horner, and can be recognised for acoustic guitar driven tracks that deal with atmospheric tones and heartfelt and emotive lyrics. The duo recently released their debut single, Walk We Me, and it immediately struck a chord with me as it dealt with stepping away from the chaos of modern life to make time for people who matter.

The band recently recorded a video for the launch of the song in Live@Displace audio and visual recording facility in North Dublin.

The track is a beautifully put together guitar track dealing with trying to repair some of the damage with someone who used to be an important part of your life, only for them to slowly drift away due to the speed at which we all live our lives these days. The lyricism on show is truly gripping at times, with vocalist Denis Cahill bringing some properly beautiful lines.

“Conversation is the loveliest of arts”

The song espouses stepping away from the lives that most of us have to spend some time in nature with our thoughts and our friends. A message that we all need at a time when keeping in touch with people can be extremely difficult.