Around this time last year, we at Covert Music Club did a feature on the recent single by Dublin based folk duo DJOUCE, which is made up of Denis Cahill and Youen Horner. Having met in college, the two men have been performing since 2016, and having come together under this moniker they have become known for their ambiatic and emotion driven folk music. There is something infectious about the music that the duo create, with its touching and effecting guitar riffs and powerful vocals and all this was clearly showcased on song featured in last years post Walk With Me.

All these attributes are again on show on the single released by the band back in December of last year, Light, But Shadow.

An exploration of some memories of the band from a time that they spent in New York, it is another stunning demonstration of the storytelling abilities of the band and their ability to create sentimentality through these stories.

The instrumentation across the track is very minimalistic, consisting simply of two acoustic guitars which serves as an ideal representation of the sentiment at the heart of the song. The nostalgic feel of the song deals with the simple pleasures in our lives and the use of uncluttered instrumentation helps reinforce this idea.

A soothing and engaging piece of art.