Sometimes the people who create beautiful things aren’t exactly beautiful people.

As people who consume art, this is something that we all need to realise. The longtime allegations against American pop icon, Michael Jackson, have created a huge dilemma for radio stations, media outlets, and music fans around the world – is it morally OK to continue listening to the music of Michael Jackson when these allegations exist?

In a recent episode of his highly popular podcast, The Blindboy PodcastBlindboy Boatclub of The Rubberbandits, argued that a possible solution is to still engage with the media but do it in a way that doesn’t benefit the act in any way. For example, in the case of a movie you could illegal torrent the movie, or in the case of music try and listen to it on YouTube or illegal downloads. Realistically, this is a decision for people to come to on their own and to make a decision to do what ever they feel comfortable with.

However, this post will not attempt to convince you either way regarding the allegations that have been made. Instead, this post will highlight five of my favourite songs by Michael Jackson, and provide a demonstration why it can be so hard to accept that the person who created them may not have been the most honourable person away from the microphone.

I Want You Back (Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 [Jackson 5], 1969)

Human Nature (Thriller, 1983)

Smooth Criminal (Bad, 1988)

Man In The Mirror (Bad, 1988)

Wanna Be Starting Somethin’ (Thriller, 1983)