I remember reading an article years ago that talked about the impact that modern technology and social media has had on the music industry and how it has affected up-and-coming acts making that big breakthrough. The article basically made the point that there was now no shortage of avenues for artists to forge their own path without the help of a label, meaning that there was now a case of fewer talented artists slipping through the cracks.

Another one of these artists who is trying to make that breakthrough is Dublin singer/songwriter Lisa Keane. The 22 year old BIMM student released her debut single, Colours, a few weeks ago (12 April 2019) and it suggested at a lot of promise for what is to come in the future.

The first thing that you notice as you listen to this debut offering from Keane is the maturity and confidence in the vocals. There is a lovely tone to the way that the singer/songwriter tells the story of a relationship that failed to fulfil it’s full potential.

Across the song we care are presented with the metaphor of two people joining together in a relationship being similar to that of a mash of colours coming together to form an artistic masterpiece – a powerful piece of imagery that creates a sense of two people being able to make each other whole if they commit to the relationship. Ultimately the song deals with the idea that the failure for the connection to properly survive means that the artist in question is left without some of the necessary materials to finish the work. This is an excellent use of imagery and metaphor that helps to draw in the listener.

The instrumentation on the track is also perfect for reflecting the story that Keane is telling. A beautiful piano melody that opens the track is added by a solid drum beat and electric guitar interjections that keep the song moving in a slow and introspective way that many will recognise as the feelings that accompany the end of any religion.