A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending the new single launch for the Dublin math-rock band, Arcwords, in the esteemed Dublin music venue Workman’s Club. It was another fantastic night to highlight the high standard of music that is being made in Ireland at the moment and a further demonstration why music fans in the country should be very positive of what is coming in the near future.

It was also on this night that I had the pleasure of seeing another up-and-coming Dublin group perform for the first time, and since that night, I have been greatly looking forward to hearing more from Post Party. The was something about the energetic four piece that really drew me in as they played a support set for the aforementioned Arcwords. It was impossible not to be impressed by their on stage charisma and the standard of song writing and musicianship on show.

Since forming in 2008, the group comprising of Keelan O’Reilly, Peter ToalColin Peppard, and Matthew O’Reilly have built up a strong reputation through a series of well received live shows across Dublin. The band have recently released their debut single, the fantastic Love You Everyday, and there is plenty to suggest that they are ready to make a strong impact on the Irish music scene.

From the opening bars of that driving guitar and drums, this is a song that demands your attention and will feature on many the summer playlist this year and into the future. There is a youthful energy and enthusiasm to how the track is performed as we are treated to a simple and infectious love song. Keelan O’Reilly’s vocals throughout are positive and vibrant and help to further bolster the excellent instrumentation of the band.

This is an excellent first look at the music of Post Party. More please.