I think for all music fans there is something incredibly appealing and intriguing about the drums, and the people who play them to a high level. Instruments like piano or guitar can often seem overly technical for casual music fans while the drums can appeal to our primitive need and want to just make noise sometimes.

However, this would do an injustice to musicians who specialise in drums and the hours of practice that goes into becoming accomplished in one of the most technical and expressive instruments that there were.

This post will attempt to draw your attention to some of my favourite drummers.

Dave Grohl

One of those in music who is least needy of  an explanation or introduction, the former Nirvana percussionist and current front man of esteemed rock group Foo FightersRegarded as one of the best drummers operating at the moment, who has the ability to make the drums stand out as a forefront instrument on tracks that he drums on rather than keeping them in the background as is often the way.

Carter Beauford

When I first started listening to the music of Dave Matthews Band one of the things that attracted me to them the most was the drumming tracks on each of their songs. Beauford is known for technical and sophisticated drumming tracks and is one of the most noticeable aspects of live performances by the band.

Matt Helders

Another drummer on the list who is known for his frankly frighteningly aggressive and powerful drumming style while in the earlier days of Arctic Monkeys before changing to a more technical and nuanced style as the band grew up in recent years. A compelling and enthralling live performer, it’s hard to focus on anything else when you attend a live show by the English indie rock band.

Jeremy Hickey

The Kilkenny multi-instrumentalist, better known by his stage name of R.S.A.G., is one of the most respected acts in Irish music over the last few years with two extremely well respected albums to his name.

Micheál Quinn

I’ve been fortunate enough in the last two years to see Dublin singer/songwriter Dermot Kennedy perform live, and every time that I have I’ve spent the entire show with my eyes glued on the percussionist. Quinn, who acts as drummer for Irish bands Meltybrains? and Enemies, as well as for Kennedy, he has developed a reputation for endlessly energetic live shows and incredibly technical performances. His Instagram is also a total delight.

Neil Peart

“Neil Peart stands alone…”

Immortalised by the above line that is frequently utter by the character of Algernop Krieger (voiced by Lucky Yates) in the comedy animated series ArcherNeil Peart of the Canadian trio, Rushis widely recognised as one of the greatest drummers of all time. Throughout his career the Ontario native drew influences for his playing from various different genres including hard rick and jazz styles leading him to develop a truly unique style of playing. Peart retired from drumming in 2015 due to health issues.

Jack Bevan

The Foals percussionist is widely regarded as one of the best drummers on the go at the moment and this is exemplified by how he is continuously utilised by the band. Bevan’s drumming forms a crucial part to each of the tracks by the band and brings an energy and depth to the tracks that is phenomenal to witness.