We at Covert Music Club are massive fans of the work being done by Displace Studios and the quality of the content that they produce on a regular basis. This blog has previously featured content by the Dublin based indie folk band, DJOUCE, and a video that they produced in Displace Studios

Another fantastic piece of content to come out of the studios recently is the new track from Dublin electro-pop group based in Ireland, SYLK. The band have developed a strong reputation for creating bass heavy tunes that are aced with dark and profound lyrics that help to suck the listener into the world of the song. The track in question, Exit, sees the group joined by one of the most highly esteemed musicians as well with guitar on the track provided by the excellent Alex Smyth. It is a fantastic offering from all on show.

SYLK, comprising Bebhinn O’Donnell and Taylor Doyle, made their initial breakthrough with the release of their debut single Am I Alone in 2017, which would go on to reach 200,000 streams after getting added to a selection of popular Spotify playlists. The following year saw the release of the EP nwyr, and the popularity of these releases would see the group perform to packed out tents at festivals such as Forbidden Fruit and Body & Soul among others.

Exit is another fantastic addition to the body of work done by the band already. On listening to the song, the ability for the duo to create atmospheric and introspective soundscapes is immediately apparent. There is a haunting element to the heavy vocals of Doyle as she is ably supported by the fascinating and ambient instrumentation of O’Donnell and Smyth behind her. The vocals in the song create a mindset of confusion and uncertainty which is helped by the distortion and build of the music around them, which creates a sense of storytelling that can often be difficult to create in a song like this.

It is clear from listening to Exit why they one of the most esteemed electro-pop groups in Ireland in recent years, it’s going to fun to follow there sound as they continue to grow.