At a time when it seems that music on the radio just seems to want to deal with heavy and unhappy topics, it can sometimes be nice to find something that aims to be more uplifting and inspirational. The most recent release from West of Ireland based folk outfit Billow WoodCarpe Diem, aims to raise the spirits of those that listen to it by espousing the benefits of appreciating the here and now rather than dwelling on negatives from our past. It’s a message that is worth heeding in these stressful times.

It has been said that Billow Wood have an uncanny ability to blend female and male vocals on their tracks and again this is very evident across this particular song. As well as this there style of blending traditional music elements such as accordion, harp and fiddle, with newer more mainstream sounds of music means that the sound is often quite unique and helps to draw the listener in. Made up of Mark O’Donnell (fiddle and guitar), Harry Lawlor (harp and guitar), Ciara O’Donnell (bodhrán, flute, and whistles), and Bríd O’Donnell (accordion), it is hard not to appreciate the high standard of musicianship on show in the music.

After a very successful 2018, which involved a heavy touring schedule, the band are having any equally busy 2019 and have been embarking on a range of tours, including six weeks in Germany. The band have also announced a tour of the US this year as they continue to develop a reputation for energetic and compelling live shows.

Carpe Diem is yet another step forward for the group as they demonstrate all they are about. It’ll be very interesting to see where they continue to take their music.