As anyone who is a regular follower of this blog will know by now, the Irish singer/songwriter scene at the moment is full of talented and interesting artists who are trying to make their mark on the music consciousness in the country. Another one of these artists who is nearly ready to make that break is the Kildare native, Lisa Gorry.

Last week, the talented performer released her debut single to the world, and it summed up the ability that she has for writing relatable and delicate music that will resonate for many listener. Parts deals with a sensation that most of us will be able to sympathise with, the process of trying to make sense of yourself after a breakup.

For many people, the reason that a breakup is such a difficult process is often because you feel that you have shown the other person the true you and revealed yourself totally to this person, as a result it can be very damaging when that person chooses to reject you. These complicated sensations are explored with chilling clarity across the song and the listener almost feels like they were privy to the whole relationship as Gorry takes us through it.

The instrumentation across the track is extremely stripped back and is lead by a chill guitar riff accompanied by strings and light drums, which expertly help to create the atmosphere of isolation that comes in a breakup. The lack of clutter helps to demonstrate the loneliness that can come in the aftermath, and how it’s important to deal with your feelings around the event rather than to try and repress them.

But it’s the lyricism on show that captures the listener most effectively as Gorry questions whether her self worth was actually just wrapped up in the other person. She investigates the different existential questions that we have to deal with during this time of reflection.

However despite the heavy subject matter of the song, Gorry is careful to try and keep a somewhat positive tone and is careful to reiterate that she will be fine eventually, just maybe not for a while.

Parts is an accomplished and mature beginning for Lisa Gorry, we look forward to more.