I’ve written before on this sight about the potential ability for a location or landscape to help to enhance and create an environment for creativity that might not be possible in other places. For me, I have always felt that places along the coast of Ireland has always seemed like the kind of place where creativity is all around, and places like Kerry have always seemed to be a place of certain type of magic that you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Another songwriter who was lucky enough to be surrounded by this magic while growing up is Orlando based, Colin Andrew. Through years of live performances, the Kerryman has successfully built up a reputation for emotional powerful musicianship with the ability to make you feel as if every line he is singing is telling your story. A series of TV appearances, including a performance on Ceiliúradh na Féile Pádraig, and a successful debut single release behind him, it seems like things are only beginning for the talented songwriter.

Andrew has recently released a follow up single, One Night, which saw him team up again with producer Barry O’Connell, and it is another accomplished piece of work by the performer.

This song feels like the ideal manifestation of the sound that Andrew is aiming for. Immediately we are shown the high standard of instrumentation that his tracks have become known for as we are treated to bouncing electric and acoustic guitar riffs to carry the song forward, assisted by lively bass and drumming patterns. They serve to draw the listener in as the upbeat and positive feel of the sound makes for an extremely pleasant listening experience.

It is also hard not to be drawn in my the vocal and lyricism of Andrew across the track as the listener is made aware of a failing relationship that our protagonist is going through. Throughout the song, we are shown a singer who is looking back on the good times that they had with their partner even though the magic is truly gone. This is something that will seem very relatable to people listening who have been in a relationship that they know is going nowhere and where the prospect of it ending is more of a relief than a fear. This helps to demonstrate the ability for Andrew to create interesting and layered stories through his music.

It’ll be fun to see what comes next from the talented Kerry artist.