There was a time that Irish hip-hop and rap music was much maligned among the general music fans in the country, with a belief that it was something that would never be able to make the proper breakthrough into the Irish mainstream. However in recent years this perception has began to change with a series of outstanding hip hop artists emerging from the Irish underground scene, such as KNEECAPDalyMango x Mathman, and others.

Another one of these acts who is starting to make their mark on Irish music is Dublin hip-hop duo Wax White. Comprising of Damien Guilfoyle and Gavin Furlong, the group have chosen to define the kind of music that they make as sort of “Gourmet Scum-bag” and it is clear that there is a sophistication to the bars that they sing. The duo have an ability for clever and layered lyrics that create stories relatable to people listening – while leaving people in no doubt that they are born and bred Dublin.

Last November, the duo realised their most recent single, Depression with Benefits, is a wonderful statement of what the duo is all about.

The instrumentation on the track is upbeat and bouncy, driven forwards by an emphatic piano line and fast drumming. This choice helps to add to the hectic nature of the lyrics throughout the songs speaking about a dysfunctional relationship.

Further evidence that Irish hip-hop is continuing to grow.