The Irish music scene is continuing to churn out some incredible singer/songwriters at the moment with so many young artists starting to properly make their mark on the scene. Another performer who is continuing to develop a strong reputation, is Cork native Sara Ryan. The talented performer, who is currently based in Kildare, is now a highly esteemed member of the Irish music scene having shared a stage with many of the bigger names in Irish music, including Mick FlanneryLuka Bloom, and Wyvern Lingo, among many others.

Since the release of her debut EP, Glitter Skies, the artist has gone to win ‘New Artist of the Year’ at the 2017 Irish Folk Awards. As well as this, Ryan successfully embarked on extensive tours of Switzerland and Germany which successfully helped to build a fan base for the the songwriter.

Last year, the talented songwriter released her debut album, Breathe, and it was further testament to why she is currently held in such high esteem. It proved to be a very accomplished release, which helped to show of her ability for touching instrumentation and emotive lyrics.

Recently, the Cork native released her newest single from the album, Human.

This is a beautifully haunting and touching piece of music that asks the listener to think about the fact that despite all our differences, at our core we’re all human. The instrumentation throughout the track is especially affecting as  guitar riff and piano line help to carry the ambience of the song, and aid to create a sense of confusion or complication that is at the centre of the song.

Human also serves as a stunning demonstration of the vocal abilities of the Cork native. There is an emotive and vulnerable quality to each lyric that is sang by Ryan, and it feels as though the listener is being made privy to a special type of relationship throughout the song. This is something that can not be faked or simulated and is further testament to Sara Ryan as a performer.

It’ll be fun to see what is next to come from Sara Ryan.