The process of creating music continues to change as we move forward into a time when people have access to recording technology. More and more people are now actually able to explore their sound from the comfort of their bedroom and then get it uploaded onto the internet for people to hear without any input from outside forces. It now means that music is a much more accessible art form, and younger artists are starting to find their sound sooner.

Another one of these young songwriters who is starting to release and create music while not even out of their teens yet is Dublin singer/songwriter, Sarah KennyFor the last few years young performer has been writing original material on the piano, while also performing on numerous talent shows in Ireland, including the Irish Junior Eurovision Contest. Her talent was noticed from a young age when at the age of 13 when a home recording of a cover of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri ended up ultimately in her getting her first studio experience.

In recent months, Kenny has started to release more music, with a string of online live videos that showcase the maturity of her songwriting and musicianship.

Take a look below.

That’s Life


She is sure to be a songwriter that is worth paying attention to in the future.