The early years of a band are always an exciting and fun time. There seems to be an endless sense of possibility and potential as they continue to try and experiment and discover their sound. Another band who are still at the formative years of their career, are Dublin group Barefoot Magicians.

Since their formation in 2017, the band have received much praise for the blues groove sound that they have been cultivating since their very first recording session in Windmill Lane Recording Sessions.  Comprising of members, Dave Greene (harmonica and vocals), Graham Stewart (guitars), Brian Steemers (drums and percussion), Paraic Carroll (bass), and Hugh Caren (keys), and Petra Zižak (mandolin and keys), the band would release their debut EP entitled The Awakening. It is very well received at the time, and caused a sense of excitement to generate around the group.

Back in April of this year (2020), the band would release their follow up EP, Hangin’ In, and it was another excellent step forward for the Dublin outfit.

The EP is a three song collection that instantly signal to the listener exactly what is to be expected when we listen to Barefoot Magicians. A very accomplished of songs showcasing excellent vocals and tight musicianship that draws the listener in and makes them wanting to hear more.

The EP opens with the exciting and energetic, Hangin’ On, a stunning start to the EP. The song features powerful and confident vocals, which are supported by an assertive and engaging guitar riff with a blues feel. The drumming and bass on this song serve as the perfect foil for the vocals and lead guitar, and you’ll find yourself humming that chorus for a long time after you listen to it.

The second track from the EP is another prime example of the tremendous musicianship that is at the core of all the song that come from Barefoot Magician.

The last track on the EP is another triumphant and energetic offering that helps to leave the listener wanting to hear more when the collection concludes. A song that is carried by excellent guitar playing a harmonica line, with raging drums in the background, it is a song that will make it’s way on to many the driving playlist for music fans.

This is the kind of release that effectively helps to build further interest in a band who are starting to develop a clear understanding of what they are about. We look forward to more.