For a long time now, Covert Music Club has been working to highlight some of the outstanding young songwriters that are starting to come onto the Irish music scene at the moment. Artists like Niamh Keane, Amy Naessens, and Brí, among many others are creating fantastic music at the moment and proving that music in the country is in a very healthy state. Another artist who is a member of this cohort who is starting to come to attention is Dublin singer/songwriter, Kk Lewis.

A regular at acoustic music nights across Dublin city, as well as commonly being found busking around the city as well, the first thing that hits you when you see Lewis performing is the quality of the vocals. The performer has a lovely texture to her voice which helps to draw the listener into every performance and makes the songs that she sings feel more believable and engaging to the listener.

Recently, she released her debut single and it immediately made me sit up and take notice. This is fantastic.

Loop Now is an excellent exploration of the pressures that can accompany growing up and wanting to feel included at a time when it can be easiest to feel left out. Across the three minute song, Lewis talks us through how the urge to be part of something bigger can ultimately result in people getting caught up in damaging behaviours and actions, but feeling trapped to repeat them. The song is ultimately a call for the listener to focus more on the things that make an individual special, and rather than feel pressured to fit in, people should embrace and accentuate the things that make them unique.

“Gotta get high off life…”

The feel of the song is a weird and interesting mix of soulful influences and R&B vibes, and it makes for a fantastic listen. Driven by a subtle and intricate electric guitar rhythm and a bouncy drum rhythm, it slowly draws the audience in and by the end it’s impossible to get that chorus out of your head. The sign of great songwriting.

More of this please, Katie.