There is something very compelling about listening to songs, watching movies, or experiencing works of art, that have clearly been careful and meticulously created by the artist. As if every aspect has been thought over again and again before reaching what we the viewer/listener are presented with. This is something that is becoming more and more prevalent in music, as artists are actively trying to tell stories with their work. Another of these acts is talented Cork musician, Mechner.

Mechner is the latest project from Cork man, Jack Ahern, and stands as another fantastic example of talent of the performer. Ahern is a self-professed perfectionist, and is hard not to get that impression from the music that he creates.

2016 saw the release of his single Surfacing and it would prove to be a breakthrough moment for Ahern. The single would garner a lot of acclaim at the time, with much praise going to the heartfelt and emotional music video that accompanied it.

Ahern has said that he is a cinema enthusiast and again this seems to have a strong influence on the music that he makes. Each song seems to have been created by a director who overlooks every aspect to create a story for the listener to follow. There is a sense of suspense and tension in all the songs, that makes for very compelling listening.

The most recent single from Ahern, Do You Wanna Go?, is another prime example.

Immediately we are shown the ability of Ahern to create atmospheric and suspenseful soundscapes, with driving guitars and powerful drum beats. The vocals are intense and assertive, and it will be very easy for the listener to project their own images on to the song. I was able to instantly picture some dingy bar with the sticky floor and dimmed lights, and two residents deciding to square up to each other over something stupid.

The song seems to juxtapose the inner battles that we all face, from wanting to stand up for ourselves but also avoid potential conflict. It talks to our own vulnerabilities in an effect and telling why.

Excellent songwriting.