For a number of years, Luke Clerkin has been honing his craft as a songwriter and performer by performing in some of most esteemed venues around the country, as well as some of the biggest festivals. Venues such as The Button Factory, Whelan’s, and The Workman’s Club, along with festivals like Electric Picnic and Body & Soul, have all been graced by the Dublin songwriter. 2015 would see the artist famously perform over 250 gigs, and this would see massive growth in his songwriting and performance ability.

Last week, the Dubliner released his most reason single, the beautiful Nocturnal. The single is the second song to be released by the singer/songwriter in 2020, after the release of Stones earlier in the year, and it is another reminder of Clerkin’s ability for interesting and well-constructed songs.

Nocturnal is a beautiful exploration of looking back on a romantic partner and wondering could more have come from it than ultimately did. Wondering did it end too early and whether that person could have ended up being the one. The storytelling on the track is further testament to the lyrical ability as we are walked through the different stages of a relationship, from the early excitement of a relationship to the aftermath when you can’t get that person of your mind. Clerkin frequently goes over that sense of hope that had been there not long ago and no seems to have disappeared. It is stunning writing, and will be relatable to many listeners.

“Maybe this time we’ll last the night…”

The instrumentation on the song is an excellent and drives the song forwards making for a compelling listening experience. A combination of interesting guitar and a forceful drumming beat help to keep the listener engaged while also hinting at the complicated feelings that are at the heart of the song.

“It’s been months, I can’t forget you.”