For a long time now, folk music has been one of the strongest genres on the Irish music scene. Recent times have seen many musicians and bands in the country take this popular genre and experiment with it to try and put their own stamp on the sound. Various aspects of other genres are now being added into traditional folk elements and it is leading to very interesting results. One of the acts who have decided to put their own spin on the folk music genre are Dublin duo, BRIARS.

BRIARS have been based in Cork for the past few years, and it is from there that they have been making music and exploring their sound. The band, comprising of Michael Grace and Paul O’Shea from Kilkenny, have began to build up a reputation for interesting and elaborate soundscapes on their songs with an ability for an emotional fragility and also a powerful and compelling energy.

Despite only consisting of the two core songwriters, BRIARS flesh out their sound in the studio and in live settings by recruiting some of the finest musicians in Ireland to help. What makes BRIARS so interesting is the ability and willingness they show for integrating musicians and sounds of different genres and styles into their music. It makes for a compelling listening experience. Some of the names, that have joined the band in a live setting are Peter Vogelaar, Hannah Fitzgerald, and Nigel Grufferty, among others.

The band have recently released their debut single, There There, and is a perfect introduction to the work of BRIARS.

There There is a stunning debut. The instrumentation on the track is wonderfully constructed, and feels both tense and exciting. The track moves quickly and keeps the listener engaged throughout. The vocals are accomplished and sincere, and excellently add to the feel of the track.

More of this, please.