For a number of years now, Dublin musician and performer, Kevin Casey has been a prominent member of the Irish music scene. A common face on the live scene in the country, he has performing on some of the most esteemed stages around Dublin, such as Vicar Street and the Olympia Theatre, as well as performances over seas in places like Germany, UK, and others.

Casey is also no stranger to releasing studio productions either, with two EPs and a studio album, Magnolia Road, to his name.

The talented songwriter has returned with a new single, It’s Alright, and it feels like a message that we all need in these crazy times.

The song, recorded at Studio 7 in Kildare, has a fantastic 80s feel as it is dominated by driving drums and electric guitar riffs. It makes for a compelling listen and from the very first few bars, it’s impossible not to imagine song in a live setting with a crowd chanting and clapping back throughout. This is a very impressive and full sound that is on show, and it is inspired and motivated by the producer of the track, Gavin McCormack, who encouraged more experimentation from Casey and his band. The band in question is comprised of: Paul Casey (Guitar, Piano), Neil Casey (Bass), Jack Bale (Guitar) and Ger Gallagher (Drums).

The track itself is an affirming piece of music that initially sees the talented songwriter pondering on all that is currently happening in the world, and how we are seemingly stuck in a loop of nothing but bad news. It seems as though our protagonist is looking for a solution that all that he is surveying, before realising that the world will keep moving regardless and it is up to us to keep a positive outlook. It is a sentiment that needs to be heard by many of us at this peculiar time.

The timing for this track was perfect.